UNSW Press

UNSW Press Ltd, operating since 1962, is a not-for-profit company whose board of directors is appointed by the Council of UNSW.

The main activities of the company are book publishing, representation and distribution services, and retail bookselling on the UNSW campus in Kensington.

NewSouth Publishing

NewSouth Publishing is the publishing arm of the company. 

Recognised as a leading independent Australian publisher, it produces a range of general, literary and illustrated non-fiction and select scholarly titles across two imprints: NewSouth and UNSW Press.

NewSouth Books, UNSW Press and Choice

The list includes award-winning history, politics, biography, art, architecture and science. About 50 new titles are published each year.

At NewSouth Publishing, you can find books that make a difference, books that get people talking, and books that change people's minds. Books released since 2010 are published simultaneously in digital formats.

The team at NewSouth values its relationships with authors and works closely with writers to ensure that their books are as good as they can be and can find as large a readership as possible. 

In 2010, the company established the UNSW Press Literary Fund with the UNSW Foundation to help finance our efforts to publish the best non-fiction writing in Australia. 

In 2012 UNSW Press celebrated its 50th anniversary. For more information about our history and a bibliographic listing of the more than 1500 titles published since 1962, you can download a PDF of UNSW Press A History 1962-2012 or find it in the iBookstore.

NewSouth Books

NewSouth Books is the sales, marketing and distribution division of the company. It represents more than 80 of the best publishing companies from Australia, Asia, the USA, Canada, Europe and the UK. A complete, customised service for sales of fiction and general and specialised non-fiction is offered for Australia and New Zealand.  

The NewSouth Books range is available in retail outlets, including major chain stores, independent booksellers and department stores. These lists also sell through online booksellers, educational and library wholesalers, museums and galleries. NewSouth Books offers e-book distribution and actively promotes its digital product at select e-book stores. 

UNSW Bookshop

The company operates the UNSW Bookshop in the Quadrangle Building on the Kensington campus, as well as a second-hand bookshop. It provides for the textbook and course needs of students and also sells an extensive range of general and academic books, gifts and UNSW merchandising to the university and neighbouring communities. 

The team at the Bookshop is actively involved in book sales at university events, conferences, graduations and community events. The Bookshop is open 9am – 6pm from Monday to Friday and 10am – 2pm on Saturdays and Sundays. It is closed on public holidays.

UNSW Press Board



Professor Merlin Crossley is Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic, UNSW and the Chairman of UNSW Press.


Lynette Petrie is Director, Management Reporting and Analysis, in the Finance division of UNSW Sydney.


George Williams AO is the Dean, the Anthony Mason Professor, and a Scientia Professor at UNSW Law. He has written and edited 35 books, including eight books published by UNSW Press.


Fiona Inglis is the Managing Director of Curtis Brown Australia Pty Ltd, a leading Australian literary agency that represents authors of both fiction and non-fiction across all genres.


Kathy Bail is the chief executive officer of UNSW Press. 


The sole member of the company is the Vice-Chancellor of UNSW. 



Kathy Bail is the chief executive officer of UNSW Press. 

She has experience in publishing and media management as a former editor of the Australian Financial Review Magazine, The Bulletin, HQ and Rolling Stone. She is a Member of the Library Council of NSW.


David Bridge FCA is the chief financial officer of UNSW Press. He is the company secretary. He has experience across a number of industries and government. Previous positions include Head of Finance at the Art Gallery of New South Wales and APAC Finance Director of Activision Blizzard.


Jane Kembrey is the sales and marketing manager of NewSouth Books. She has had extensive experience in the sales, marketing and distribution of books in print and electronic formats in Australia and the UK.


Elspeth Menzies' extensive book publishing career spans more than two decades, including many years as an editor at Pan Macmillan. She manages the publishing partnerships program at UNSW Press.

Literary Fund

We invite you to join us to build on the strengths of the publishing program at UNSW Press and get involved in the creation of high quality new books.

In 2010, the company established the UNSW Press Literary Fund with the UNSW Foundation to help finance our efforts to publish the best non-fiction writing in Australia.

Donations can be made to the Fund through the UNSW Foundation, which has DGR status.

The Fund helps to support literary non-fiction by well-established Australian writers, books from emerging writers, original scholarship pitched at a broad audience, major reference and cultural works of national significance and distinctively produced and designed books with high aesthetic value. 

The UNSW Press Literary Fund enables such important projects in three ways:

  • by supporting writers and other creators with a NewSouth Publishing book contract and providing them with the opportunity to work with editors to realise their book's potential
  • by underwriting production costs and fees for designers, photographers, illustrators and printing books on high-quality, sustainable stock
  • by covering permissions costs to copyright holders for material under copyright

For information on upcoming books and publishing projects, or further details about how to give to the UNSW Press Literary Fund, please contact chief executive officer Kathy Bail, kathy.bail[at]unswpress.com.au or call +61 2 8936 1417

Or contact UNSW Philanthropy at philanthropy@unsw.edu.au or call +61 2 8936 4700

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